Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I am sharing this heartfelt emotional poem was written by Chookscraps member Jo..............

Photo courtesy of: smh.com.au bushfire gallery

by Jo-Anne Matheson

There came a day in February
That had us all in shock
A time when the south east of Australia
Was hit by a fiery rock

The country just exploded
Into a huge fireball
And in its path spared nothing
Intent on taking it all

The CFA and others
Were there to fight the fight
And we at home were watching
The devastation and the fright

One cannot imagine
What folks are going through
As they wait for news on loved ones
And the others that they knew

They are always believing
That they will soon be seen
Some are already grieving
Where the hell could they have been?

Sometimes the word is positive
Often it’s not so good
Some have lost a place to live
Where every family should

We pray to God for strength and hope
As they face what lies ahead
How the hell are they going to cope?
So much fear - so much dread.

Australians we know how to fight
As we observe the strife
So dig in deep with all our might
To give them back their life

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